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We would like to welcome you to the Register of Deeds webpage for Martin County located in Williamston, North Carolina. We encourage all of you to visit our courthouse and wonderful county.

Our webpage contains general information that our office provides. This includes Vital Records of Marriages, Births, Deaths, as well as Veterans Discharge Records (DD-214’s). While these are not shown here they are available in our office, which is located on the 1st floor of the Martin County Governmental Building in Williamston.

Our deeds are now available online at www.martinrod.org.

You may call us with questions regarding any thing to do with our preservation of records for your use.


We offer the following services:

  • Record all types of land records; deeds, easements, agreements, also deeds of trust, assignments, releases, plats, etc.
  • Maintain an index on all instruments recorded beginning in 1771.
  • Record Uniformed Commercial Codes (UCC’s), any amendments, assignments, releases & terminations on UCC’s are filed as fixture filings, can be attached to the property or extracted from property (timber, minerals, etc) 
  • UCC’s are now recorded in the real estate books with other recordings effective July 1, 2001. 
  • Record plats (surveys of property) 
  • Maintain an index to plats 
  • Keep a record of all births that take place in Martin County beginning October, 1913 
  • Keep a record of delayed births of individuals born in Martin County that have created their birth certificates 
  • Keep a record of all deaths that take place in Martin County beginning October, 1913 
  • Issue certified copies of birth, marriage & death records 
  • Issue marriage license 
  • Maintain an index to marriage records beginning 1872-1882 (index only), 1883 – present copies of marriage licenses 
  • Record DD-214’s (military discharge records) 
  • Maintain an index to military records 
  • Issue certified copies of military records by proper representative. 
  • Record & maintain assumed name, partnership & incorporation instruments. Forms may be obtained from www.nccommerce.com
  • Give oaths of office to notaries commissioned in Martin County 
  • Maintain index to notaries 
  • Certify notaries certification 
  • Help any person that needs help with our records & make copies if requested 


When a document is presented for registration that consists of multiple instruments, the fee will be ten dollars ($10.00) for each additional instrument. A document consists of multiple instruments when it contains two or more instruments with different legal consequences or intent, each of which is separately executed acknowledged and could be recorded alone.

Money orders should be made payable to: Martin County Register of Deeds 
Deeds and all other instruments, except UCC's & plats are $26 for the first 15 pages. Any page over 15 is an additional $4 per page.

Deeds of Trust $64 for the first 35 pages plus $4 for each additional page or fraction thereof (effective October 1, 2016).

Re-recorded instruments Same price as original recording
(unless additional pages added, then $4 per additional page)
Certified copies $5.00 1st page
$2.00 each additional page 
State Right of Way Plans $21.00 1st page
$5.00 each additional page
Cancellations, Certificates of Satisfaction or Notice of Satisfactions No Fee 
Plats/Map Recording  $21.00 per page (18” x 24”)
Excise Tax on Deeds  $2.00 per $1000 (based on purchase price)
DD-214’s (Military Discharges) No Fee 1st copy (No fee for recording)
$5.00 each additional copies
Certificates-(Certified Births, Deaths, Marriages)  $10.00 full size 
Amendments (Births / Deaths)  $35.00 ($20.00-county / $15.00 state)
Legitimations  $49.00 ($10.00-county / $39.00 state)
Marriage Licenses $60.00
Uncertified Copies (Xerox)  $0.25 per page
Delayed Births/Marriages  $20.00 (includes certified copy)
If Delayed Birth partially done in another county-$10 per county
Notary’s oath  $10.00
UCC Fees (after July 1, 2001-Real Estate filing)  $38.00 < 2 pages
$45.00 3 to 10 pages
$45.00 1st 10 pages + $2.00 each additional page
Disclaimer: Fees subject to change  

The only persons by law that may request a certified copy of a vital record are:

  • Yourself
  • Your spouse
  • Your mother/father
  • Your brother/sister
  • Your child/grandchildren
  • Your grandmother/grandfather
  • A person seeking information for legal determination of personal or property right (proof required)
  • An authorized agent, attorney or legal representative of the other person named on the vital record

Note: Uncertified copies are available to the public.

To obtain a certified copy of a record, you may use the following printable form:

Application for Certified Copy of Vital Record
Certified copies: $10.00 each
Non-certified copies: $ .25 each

Send check or money order to the following address: 
Kimberly J. Griffin
Register of Deeds
Martin County
PO Box 348
Williamston, NC 27892

Self-addressed, stamped envelopes are appreciated. For further information, call (252) 789-4320

The premarital physical is no longer required.

Both marriage parties must be present and need the following:

Proof of age. Martin County Register of Deeds office will accept a certified copy of your birth certificate or a valid North Carolina Driver’s License, Permit or ID or Military ID or valid Passport. If applicants are under the age of 18, we encourage you to contact the Register of Deeds office for further information.

Proof of your social security number. You will need to show us your social security card, a W-2, a check stub or something that has your social security number computer generated on it.

Applicants who are not eligible for a social security number may obtain a marriage affidavit attesting to this fact. The affidavit can be printed out here.

Immigrants may use their INS number for social security number.

Divorced applicants must have a copy of their divorce decree.

The license is good immediately upon issuance and is valid for 60 days.

The fee for the license is $60.00. Cash, checks or money orders are accepted.

Marriage licenses are issued between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. It is strongly suggested to come in after 8:30 AM and before 4:30 PM if possible.

If you plan to be married by the magistrate after obtaining a license please call them regarding the office hours and other information regarding the ceremony and fees.

If you need a copy of your marriage license, you may acquire it at our office or mail to PO Box 348 Williamston, NC 28792. Please be sure to sign your request.  The cost is $10.00.

To speed up the application processing time, you may print and complete the Martin County Vital Record Application for certified birth, death, or marriage records. 

Instrument Recording Standards

  • Any instruments executed on or after July 1, 2002, must comply with changes according to North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS) 161-10(a). This applies to the date instruments are executed, not the date instruments are presented for recording.
  • All instruments must be presented on 8 ½” x 11” or 8 ½” x 14” paper. 
  • Have a blank margin of 3” at the top of first page and of ½” blank margins on the remaining sides of the first page and on all sides of subsequent pages. All exhibits and attachments to documents must also comply. 
  • Instruments must be typed or printed in black on white paper in a legible font that is not smaller than 9 points size. 
  • Blanks in an instrument may be completed in pen (printed) and corrections to an instrument may be made in pen. 
  • Have text typed or printed on one side of a page only. 
  • State the type of instrument at the top of the first page.
  • If an instrument does not meet all of these requirements, the register of deeds shall register the instrument after collecting the fee of $25.00 for nonstandard documents as required by GS 161-101(a) (19) in addition to the recording fee.
  • Effective 12/01/2017, assumed names filed under the prior law will expire 12/01/2022.  Anyone desiring to engage in business in North Carolina under the assumed name MUST file an assumed business name certificate in the new form.


Kimberly J. Griffin

Register of Deeds
Kimberly J. Griffin

Martin County Governmental Center
305 East Main Street
Williamston, NC  27892

Phone: 252-789-4320
Fax: 252-789-4329

Office Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday

Governmental Center